Demystify Linux & Unlock the true potential of a terminal

Linux Byte 1

  1. pwd — To print the working directory.
  2. ls — To list the content of a directory.
  3. cd — To change the working directory.
Linux directory structure Source: Crio.Do

Why Linux?

  • 60 to 70% of all Web Servers in the world run some form of Linux/Unix and ~90% of all cloud computing happens on Linux based servers.
  • Most of the smartphones in the world run on Linux.
  • Mac is based on Unix and supports a terminal where these commands can be run.

Git Basics

  • You badly needed your old code but it’s lost beyond the reach of Ctrl-Z
  • You need to integrate changes made to a project independently by your team members without losing any code
  • You need to keep track of metadata on a project worked on by multiple developers like — what/who/when/why for any changes made
Basic workflow in git




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